4 tips for South Florida drivers during Thanksgiving

NewsDuring the Thanksgiving week holiday, aggressive drivers will be served… with tickets, the Florida Highway Patrol says.

A two-week enforcement campaign aimed at ticketing aggressive drivers on South Florida roadways, aimed mainly at truckers, is underway.

“Aggressive driving can lead to crashes and the size of a vehicle makes a difference in the severity of the crash,” said Col. David Brierton, Director of the Florida Highway Patrol of the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) campaign. “With the holidays approaching and more vehicles expected on the roads, it’s a good time to remind drivers to share the road safely with all users,”

To aid drivers, FHP is offering 4 tips on how to maneuver around large truck:

• Practice patience around larger vehicles that are not traveling at the same speed as your vehicle.

• Stay out of large trucks’ ‘No Zone’: Be aware that large trucks have large blind spots.

• Pass trucks with caution: Always pass on the left side for maximum visibility and maintain a constant speed.

• Don’t cut trucks off: Be sure to leave plenty of room when you pull in front of a truck. Large trucks simply can’t stop as quickly as cars.

How to Overcome the Fear of Driving for the First Time

1.Get comfortable with the vehicle. Sit in the driver’s seat and learn about that particular vehicle. Find all the basic controls, such as the windshield wiper function, the lights, seatbelts, blinker, and pedals.

2.Adjust your seat, seatbelt, and mirrors. First, slide the seat forward or backward so you can reach all the pedals with the correct feet. Then buckle yourself in, and if the seatbelt is adjustable, make sure it is not too high on your neck. The mirrors should be adjusted every time you enter the vehicle, beginning with the rear-view mirror. Tilt the mirror so you can see clearly out the back windshield, and make sure your night-vision function is off. Both side mirrors should be turned so you can see your car on the inside the mirror, and anything behind or beside you should be on the outside the mirror.

3.Pretend you’re driving. If you were driving, what would you do? Go over stopping procedure, turning procedure, and shifting if you are in a manual-transmission vehicle. Make sure you’re familiar with all the basic controls/levers/switches and their locations.

4.Remove distractions. Make sure you are driving with a person you can trust and rely on, and kick everyone else out of the car. You do not need to have an audience when you are learning. Leave the radio off – or play classical music quietly. Make sure you’re well hydrated and that you’ve used the restroom before you get into the car.

5.Remember that driving should be fun, once you get the hang of it. Don’t treat the vehicle like an enemy – it will get you wherever you want to go, if you know how.

Practice Tests for Florida Drivers

To get your drivers license in Florida you are required to take a written test that covers road signs and road rules. Each test has twenty questions and you must get 15 correct on each test to pass. It is recommended that you study the Florida drivers handbook and review the sample questions. In addition, many Floridians find that taking a practice test greatly helps them pass the test.

Free Practice Tests for Exam

The free practice tests on HighSchoolDriver are great if you are getting a learners permit of Florida drivers license.


Road Rules

The Florida drivers handbook includes 64 sample questions for the test. Reviewing these questions is a good way to tell how ready you are to take the test for road rules. Below are a few examples of sample questions from the drivers handbook:


Test Sample Questions

What are the penalties for driving under the influence (DUI)?

What type of insurance must you have on motor vehicles with four or more wheels?

If you hit a parked car and are unable to find the owner, what should you do?

If you receive 12 points within twelve months on your Florida drivers license, for how long will your license be suspended?

What is the maximum speed limit in a residential area if there is no speed limit sign?

Are You Ready

If you know the answers to these questions then you are on the right track. If not, go back and read and study the Florida drivers handbook.


Road Signs

The road signs test will display a road sign and ask you to identify what the sign means. You will have to identify the road signs by color, shape, or meaning. Below are examples of road signs you might see in the Florida test.
no passing sign    lane reduction sign    no left turn
slippery when wet    bicycle crossing

It is recommended that you take a practice test before you take the actual test. There are two free practice tests for the exam on One test covers roads signs and the other road rules. You can also take the state of Florida required Drug and Alcohol course that must be taken to get a Florida drivers license and the test online.

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