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Tuve una maravillosa experiencia con Andina Driving School, y aunque tengo que reconocer que fui una alumna dificil, puedo decir con mucho placer que mi profesor fue muy paciente, profesional y sobre todo perseverante, nunca renuncio, mas que un profesor ha sido un amigo, mi eterno agradecimiento para el Sr Roberto Monzon y que Andina siga creciendo con la misma calidad profesional y humana. Gracias Andina.
I am so glad to have chosen Andina Driving School.
My instructor was very patient, nice, and professional.
I feel more confident now, and most importantly I can drive now!
I’ve always been scared of driving but Alejandro really helped me.. He’s one out of the many great instructors. He was kind, patient and helpful. I’m really happy that I came across Andina Driving School. Now my fear is over BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN MIAMI!
Great experience! Thank you! My classmate from S.B. High School referred you to me . I will totally refer you to my other classmate and friends…:)
I got my license on the first attempt too.
I recommend Andina Driving School to everyone!
Thank you guys!
I passed! Whohoo! Thank you! I will most definitely recommend you to all my friends and family!
Really good driving school! I passed my exam on my first attempt! I heard great things about it through friends . In additon I did my own research and when I found out there were awarded in 2013 as the number 1! I told myself I found the best driving school in Miami so I chose them for that.

I do recommend them too!

BTW: Carlo, the general manager was very courteous and professional.
You are doing a great job!
I am very happy that I chose Andina. They were very kind and understanding since the beginning, and I got the luck to be learning with Alex. He’s very nice and will learn you with his passion what he knows. I feel really confident now behind the wheel thanks to Andina.

If you’re searching for a driving school, guys trust me don’t search further, you won’t find better. Good cars, nice prices, great learners.

Thanks for learning me how to drive!

Charley, 16.
My experience was great! My instructor was very punctual and patient. I am so happy to be able to drive now. Happy New Year 2014!
I recommend them to everyone! They are very professional, very knowledgeable, and with lots of patience! My instructor was great.
I do recommend them . I am 3rd person in the family who has gotten their driver license with Andina. Alex, my instructor, taught my two other siblings. It’s amazing! God bless Andina ! Happy New Year and wish you all the best!
My parents tried for a long time to teach me, but due to their schedule and lack of patience I did not! So, I saw the my friend had liked Andina Driving School on her Facebook. So
I emailed them and got scheduled with Rosa. She was very nice, and patient. I am very emotional so I cried when I passed and Rosa was there for me. She calmed me down and congratulated!
My dad scheduled everything for me. I know my dad, he is very meticulous and I know for sure he would not just pick anyone. Again my dad was right and as a result
I got my license, and learned a lot from my instructor (Alex).
I was at MDC bus stop waiting for my bus to arrive, then a guys hands me a flyer about driving lessons. So I called and was scheduled with Roberto.
I also got my confirmation within minutes to my email. I am so happy to be able to drive now, and most importantly drive to school myself and not wait
for the bus anymore! Thanks Roberto!
I was amazed not only how patient and good my instructor was, her name was Rosa, but also how quickly the manager scheduled and emailed confirmation and full information about my schedule very rapidly. . So I chose Andina because my sister got their license with them 12 years ago! I have two other siblings who for sure will be getting their license with Andina too.
I am very happy how Andina has grown over the years, I love their website, it’s very informative! Highly recommend it!
I found all information needed to take driving classes from Andina Driving School. I was given a history of Andina driving school.It informs people why Andina driving is the best place to take lessons from. Gift certificates from Andina make great gifts for people. The website informs individuals about both packages Andina offers.
I really recommend Andina! It’s been a pleasure and thank you so much for teaching how to drive and helping me get my driver license!!

My tutor Rosa was very kind and patient!
Great website! You guys are the best.
My experience was memorable. Even though my instructor Rossy was great, I got was very scared because it rained a lot.

She was very nice and calmed me down. I still managed to drive in the rain which to me was something big. I never thought I would be able to pull that off.

I got my driver license in a month due to my schedule. It was worth the wait. By the way, I already recommended Andina to my friends!
I really recommend Andina Driving School to everyone in Miami. I went out with some friends to local place for breakfast near my home . I happened to be seeking for a driving school, when suddenly , my friend grabs a flyer that was in the front desk of the restaurant. Then, I emailed to inquiry information for driving lessons. The manager responded within 5 minutes, in a very detail , and straight to the point message. I read everything I need to do in one email. I forwarded to my parents and they immediately gave me the ok. One week after, I got my driver license. Now I see why they got the award. They are simply the best.

It feels great to be an independent driver! God bless Andina! Whohoo!!
Andina was great. I would recommend the program to anyone looking to get their driver license. I was able to complete the course in one week. Everyone was very professional including the office, the instructors, and manager.I came home to Florida for the winter break, and my goal was to get my driver license because I did not have anyone to drive me around in the city anymore L..
So, my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I replied: My driver license. So I started looking for driving schools in the area.

I found out they cover all over Miami. At that moment, I felt that I was dealing with a professional & secure driving school. In addition, I found good reviews on yelp.

At the beginning , I was nervous . But my instructor Alex, was very good, and patient. He taught me how to drive in rush hour in the city, expressway, parking and all that.

I think the best present to anyone who does not drive yet, would be getting your driver license . I feel safe and confident when I drive now. Thank you! Happy New Year!
I am a single parent who works two jobs to support my two children (Alex just turned 18 and his sister Mayline is 16). Due to my hectic schedule, I was unable to dedicate the time to train Alex for his driving exam, and I was worried that he was not going to be able to get his license.

Luckily, I heard of Andina’s driving school through a friend who is well acquainted with one of the instructors, so I decided to give it a shot. After only a couple of weeks, Alex was driving like a pro and felt confident enough to take the real exam; he passed on his first attempt! Alex loved his instructor and said that the whole experience was professional and friendly.

I am grateful that Andina’s was able to help my son pass his exam -soon he will get his own car and will be able to help me with some chores!- and I highly recommended Andina’s to anyone looking to receive professional and highly-qualified training for their licensing exam. I will definitely be using Andina’s Driving School when it is Mayline’s turn to take the exam!

Thanks Andina,

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