1. What do I need in order to sign-up for any of the defensive driving programs?

You must hold a learner’s permit.

2. How can I obtain a learner’s permit?

You need to complete the written test and the drug and alcohol course. Minors can do it online through our website : Adults can schedule an appointment via email at or call 305-385-7272 or 305-271-8117.

3. What is the average score for the in-class written test and what does it entail?

The average score is 89. The test includes a two-hour tutorial that covers road rules and regulations, after which you take the test on the computer.

4. How long is the written test?

60 minutes

5. What's your physical address?

8584 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33144

6. If I am 18 years or older, do I still need to have a learner’s permit?

Yes. Everyone must pass the written test and drug and alcohol course prior to taking lessons or the road test.

7. What other exams do I need to complete prior to taking the road test?

You must pass the vision and hearing test, which will be conducted at the DMV Office.

8. At what age can I start applying for the learner’s permit?


9. At what age can I apply for the road test?

If you are minor, you must have held the learner’s permit for a least 12 months or be 18 years old or older.

10. What if I have a driver’s license from another country?

You only need to complete the written test.

11. Do you provide pick-up and drop-off for the driving lessons and road test?

Yes. Please contact our office to make these arrangements.

12. Who needs to fill out a consent form?

If the registered student is under 18 years old, then his or her parent or guardian must fill out a consent form prior to the student taking the road test and provide it to the driving instructor.

13. Where do I obtain the parental consent form?

You can request it at the office or via e-mail at

14. Do you have female driving instructors?

Yes. We have female and male driving instructors who are bilingual in English and Spanish.

15. Which driving program is the most common one for beginners?

For minors the 20 hours program, and for adults the 12 hours program

16. Which driving program is the most common one for people who have held a learner’s permit for at least 12 months and with anxiety?

The 16 hours program.

17. What are your schedule hours?

For the written test, by appointment only Monday through Saturday. For the driving lessons, we are open seven days a week from 7:00 AM till sunset.

18. What services do you offer to persons with disabilities?

Please see details under tab defensive driving program for disabilities.