The 10 Best Defensive Driving Schools in Miami, FL

Miami is one of the worst cities to drive in. In fact, Slate named Miami the worst city for driving by a wide margin. With the most automotive fatalities, pedestrian strikes, and aggressive driving, Miami is clearly a tough place to drive in.

With aggressive drivers on the road and a higher potential for accidents, there’s no question that Miami drivers can benefit from defensive driver training that can help make it easier to identify and avoid dangerous driving situations. With defensive driving, Miami drivers can be on guard for accidents, tickets, and other incidents on the road. Greater driving education means safer drivers and a reduced risk of accidents.

And while defensive driving education is an excellent tool for learning how to become a safer driver, it is also a great resource for dismissing tickets and getting better auto insurance rates. Often, Miami drivers are able to take defensive driving courses for traffic ticket dismissals. Many insurance companies will also offer discounted rates for policyholders that complete defensive driving courses. Discounts can range from five to 20 percent.

We’ve found the 10 best defensive driving schools in Miami. With these schools, you’ll learn extensively about safe, defensive driving and find out how you can take steps to be safer on the road. With highly experienced instructors and excellent customer service, you’ll be supported every step of the way as you learn how to become a safer driver.

Each of Miami’s leading defensive driving schools is an excellent choice for your driving education needs, so we’ve listed them without ranking in any particular order. But we’d like to know which one you think is the best. Please vote in our poll at the end of the article to choose the Miami defensive driving school you trust to make the city’s drivers safer. Be sure to vote right away, as the poll closes in 30 days!


Andina Driving School
8580 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33144
(305) 385-7272
Find them on Facebook

For more than 20 years, Andina Driving School has served South Florida’s drivers. Students of Andina Driving School are taught effective driving skills designed to increase their confidence while operating a motor vehicle. It’s the school’s goal to make the learning process as enjoyable as possible for each student. Andina Driving School offers a safe, comfortable learning environment and 28 certified bilingual instructors. Testing is available in English, Spanish, and Creole.

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  • Click here to see our different Intermediate Driving Courses
  • All of our driving courses include all the basic skills to learn how to drive such as: 1-2-3 point parking, side, & main streets, traffic, and changes of lanes, & highway
  • Each lesson is 2 hours.
  • Person must complete step 1 & 2 in order to obtain the learners and be able to take driving lessons with us.

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  • Our cars are fully equipped and available for your driving test exam which includes:
  • Pick-up & drop-off
  • Rental car (equipped with dual brakes & insurance)
  • Driving test (appointment & preparation)
  • Certified Driving Instructor
  • Driver’s license

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We offer a range of safety courses and driver training with instructors who have years of individual experience and impressive credentials for safety and helping the roads be a safer environment for business and pleasure.

Andina Driving School has been serving the South Florida for over 20 years. Our goal is to provide individuals with effective driving skills so that they may develop confidence when operating a motor vehicle, and we strive to make this process as enjoyable as possible for the customer. We have a total of 28 certified bilingual instructors who will make learning experience very comfortable and safe.

Our instructors are qualified and certified to teach on automatic and stick shift cars. We are known for creating a relaxing environment so that our clients can become excellent drivers. In addition, our cars have double brakes and have been approved by the state for instructional use. We treat all our customers with the utmost respect and our instructors have reputations for being kind and patient with drivers of all skill levels, from beginners to more experience drivers.

We offer our services in all South Florida Area: Homestead, South Miami, West Kendall, Kendall, Hialeah, Downtown Miami, Brickell, Miami Beach, and North Miami Beach. Soon, we will provide services in the area of Fort Lauderdale.

We will be more than happy to assist you with any information you may have and we thank you in advance for considering Andina Driving School.

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